The Terror Bingo is a low-pressure fanwork creation challenge celebrating season one of AMC's The Terror. We accept fills in all mediums and have no minimum requirements. For more information, follow the links above and check out our tumblr blog.


The Terror Bingo is a bingo-style fanwork creation challenge for AMC’s The Terror. For Round 4, sign-ups open beginning on October 24th, and our official creation period runs from November 1st to March 31st.Participants receive a personal, randomized bingo card containing various prompts relating to the show. They then fill these prompts by creating new, previously unpublished fanworks in a variety of mediums.We accept all content, characters, pairings, and creation mediums, and have no minimum requirements.This challenge is, first and foremost, meant to be fun. There is no pressure on participants to finish their card or achieve a bingo; create as much or as little as you want.


- Respect the work of all participants.
- No character-/ship-bashing, kink-shaming, wank, or hate.
- You must be 18 or older to participate.
- One prompt/square per fanwork/creation.

How It Works

On or after October 24th, use our sign-up link to request a personal, randomized card! You’ll have the option to choose your card size (3x3, 4x4, or 5x5), prompt types (Episodes, Characters, Objects, Settings/Events, Quotes/Phrases, Miscellaneous, Tropes, and/or NSFW/Kink), and the ability to make requests or de-requests. See our FAQ for more info on prompt types!The posting period will last from November 1st until March 31st. You’re welcome to post fills after this date, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be reblogged or retweeted.If you aren’t happy with your card, we accept remake requests. We will replace up to half of your prompts (4 for a 3x3, 8 for a 4x4, or 12 for a 5x5), or you can request an entirely new card.You can fill out our additional card request form to a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) card, but only after you’ve completed at least one bingo (one horizontal, vertical, or full diagonal line).


You're welcome to post to any site of your choosing. Please include the following information: square filled, warnings (if any), and a link (if your fill is hosted on another site such as Ao3). We also recommend you include a word count, rating, and pairing information, if applicable.When posting to twitter, please be sure to use #theterrorbingo or tag our blog. When posting to tumblr, please do both, so we can be sure to see and reblog your fill!We also have an Ao3 collection

What kind of content can I create?

We accept all kinds of fills! Here are a few examples:

moodboards & picspams
gifs & graphics
knitting & sewing projects

These are by no means the only media we accept—feel free to get as creative as you want!

What’s the minimum word count/etc. for a fill?

There isn’t one! Feel free to create as much or as little as you want.

What kind of prompts can I expect?

We have several categories of prompts that participants can opt in to or out of receiving. They are:Episodes - what it says on the tin! (e.g. 101 Go for Broke, 102 Gore, 103 The Ladder, etc.)
Characters - characters and groups of characters (e.g. Francis Crozier, Erebites, Neptune, etc.)
Objects - items that bear relevance to or are mentioned in the series (e.g. Cairn, Lemon Juice, The Dress, etc.)
Settings/Events - both canonical and general (e.g. King William Land, Christmas, Divine Service, etc.)
Quotes/Phrases - from various episodes (e.g. The end of vanity, All is well, The worst kind of second, etc.)
Miscellaneous - various prompts related to the show which don’t fit in any of the above categories (e.g. Isolation, Injury, The Howling Wind, etc.)
Tropes - tropes and tags from fanfiction and fiction in general (e.g. Cuddling for Warmth, Cop & Criminal, Character Study, etc.)
NSFW/Kink - kinks and general sexual prompts (e.g. Voyeurism, Hate Sex, First Time, etc.)

What will the cards look like?

Great question! Here’s an example:

What’s the deal with the Free Space?

The free space is there to help you get a bingo! You still need to post a fill for it, but the only requirement is that the fill is Terror-related; there is no prompt.

Can I combine my fills with other challenges/bingos?

Sure! As long as the other challenge has no problem with it, and you adhere to our guidelines for posting (tagging our blog, including relevant information, etc.), go wild!

Can I fill two prompts with one creation?

No, sorry! We ask that you create a new piece for each prompt. The only exception is multichaptered fic; you’re welcome to make each chapter a separate fill, if you so desire!

I don’t know if I'll be able to finish my card. Can I sign up for one anyway?

Please do! This is first and foremost meant to be a fun way to inspire more Terror content. Even if you think you’ll only fill one prompt, or aren’t sure you’ll be able to fill any, we encourage you to give it a shot anyway!

Can I get a second card?

Yes! As long as you’ve achieved at least one bingo (one horizontal, vertical, or full diagonal line), you’re welcome to request a second or even third! Check out our additional card request form.

Can I use an old card?

Yes! We have two options for this on our sign-up form. You can either let us know that you plan to solely use old prompts (you’d still be welcome to ask for a second card at some point, following the standard rules) OR you both can request a new card and use an old card.

Do I need a tumblr to participate? Can I post my fills to twitter? AO3?

You don’t need a tumblr to participate! That’s why we offer the option to receive your card via email. You’re more than welcome to post fills solely to twitter, Ao3, or any other site of your choosing!

I can’t get the Ao3 collection to work?

Our parent Ao3 collection is closed—you can’t post to it. It’s simply a way to collect our subcollections (found in the parent collection), which are organized by round! You’ll need to post to the current round’s subcollection, which is open and unmoderated.Ao3 also has a habit of not auto-filling collection names—if you’re manually entering the collection name and not “posting to collection,” it may not pop up for you, but as long as you fill in the correct tag (the collection name that uses underscores), it will work.